Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ulasan filem TRANSFORMERS: LAST KNIGHT oleh Billy Tio

Spoiler Alert

1. As stupid as one could have imagined this movie is. Plot bodoh involved Camelot, knights of round table, Lancelot, MERLIN dan lain2. Tetapi majority of the film looks like Terminator Salvation dengan CGI yang tidak sebaik Terminator Salvation. After watched this trashy film, you rasa Terminator Salvation should win Oscar best picture.

2. Startnya filem ni = completely copycat opening war sequence of Ridley Scott's Gladiator, perang Germania itu. Tapi cinematography filem Last Knight ini terlampau teruk dengan camera work yang focus on close up shots, sangat memalukan cinematography dia...sial.

3. Sir Anthony Hopkins not able to add anything to this already completely rotten film. Even with his fly high blow up kematian, did not help at all.

4. All the jokes = lame dan insulting our IQ. This is expected from si Bay itu.

5. Filem ni ialah lebih kurang 25 advertisements stiched together jadi 1 movie...u got what I mean?

6. CGI effects walaupun good Tapi tidak sebagus CGI Terminator Salvation. Dengan camerawork selalu focus close up shots....lemah.... Tak syok moments yang OK. Manusia free fall tak habis habis di ending lagi sial...over stretched over do over killed. Already is as worst as Age of Extinction.

7. Worst movies of the year so far...TIED WITH THE MUMMY...

Rating: 0/10 for this trashy film. Same level with The Mummy by Tom Cruise. Tidur in cinema is a sure thing.

How you feel bout this movie? Highly NOT recommended

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